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100% women-owned.  I started this company for one reason, I was tired of getting screwed by management companies.  As the president of my condo association, I saw how easily money flowed from our accounts, yet how hard it was and how long it took for our management companies to accomplish the easiest of tasks.  

Our various management companies, despite stating that they catered to smaller associations, faltered soon after we signed our contract. 

  • Bills were paid late and money spent unnecessarily
  • Revolving doors of property managers
  • Small tasks that could have been performed by a handyman were given to contractors, who charged way more than we should have paid
  • Estimates provided weeks/months later after the initial request, and not as competitive as those I personally solicited.  
  • In addition to our monthly fees, there were fees for attending meeting, putting their signs on our building, monthly walk through and many more incidental costs.  
  • They often used their preferred vendors who I later found was affiliated with their company in some way, thereby taking the competitiveness out of pricing.  

After seven years of this, we knew we could do better. We'd already been micromanaging our management company; towards the end of our contract, they paid our bills we did everything else. When we realized they weren't really needed, but a company that focused on and worked for small associations were.



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About Deen Association Management

Our Vision

A management company is as important as board members.  They both have to be active, responsive, and able to make quick decisions.  Being on a board shouldn't be a full time job, it shouldn't be a burden. For us, it invaded our lives with emails and calls at all hours; it became too much.  We created a management company we envisioned, a company that cared for building as if it were their own. 

Deen Association Management creates value and trust.  We handle the day-to-day management of your building and don't bother you with the little things.  We address the board with major issues and send a weekly report, detailing every maintenance/janitorial issue, tenant communication, and issues needing board approval.  We want to stream-line while eliminating unnecessary emails.  More importantly, we can customize a communication plan that works for your board.

Our Services

What We Do:

  • We are an Association Management Company, that is our focus and priority
  • Manage small condo associations (4-40 units)
  • Collect assessments, pay bills, obtain and negotiate contracts, and manage vendors 
  • Take ownership of your building and manage with pride and care
  • Manage financial, maintenance, and janitorial needs take
  • Handle the day-to-day, allowing the Board to focus on the bigger issues

What We Don't:

  • We are not a real estate company, we do not buy or sell real estate
  • We are not a property management company, we do not lease units
  • While we can connect owners with a realtor, we do not have units to rent or sell.  


Why Choose Us

Single Point of Contact

Dedicated Managers with a limited number of properties, ensuring your building isn't lost in the shuffle.


  • Owned by a family, with few faces, not a large company with a revolving door of managers.
  • Experienced as Board members, property owners, renters, and owners.
  • Estimates from a pool of trusted vendors, none of which provide kickbacks or work for DAM, or it's subsidiaries
  • We don't hold your funds in our accounts, never a good sign.  You add DAM as a signor on your account and we manage Your association and Your money from Your account.


  • Services customized to the needs of your building
  • 60 day trial ability to break contract within first 60 days if unsatisfied with services


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